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How do I transfer my registration/ticket to another person?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:12AM PST

Note: Your ability to transfer your registration or ticket is up to the event. The event may or may not allow for this, so be sure to check with the event’s policies, before attempting to transfer your entry.

For those events that do allow transfers, you will be able to initiate this through your My Events profile. It’s important to note that only those that actually bought a registration or ticket will be able to start a transfer. If someone registered you or bought your ticket for you, please contact them, the Buyer, to make any transfers. If you are the original buyer, please follow the steps below to transfer your entry to someone else!

1. Log In to your account.

2. Find the event you want in your MY EVENTS section. Click VIEW ORDER on the event you want to transfer. 

3. Find the registration or ticket that you want to transfer. Select MANAGE REGISTRATION ( or MANAGE TICKET) then Transfer Registration (or Transfer Ticket).

4. Enter the new person’s Email Address you would like to transfer the registration/ticket to and click SEND TRANSFER. If there is a transfer expiration or fee there will be a notice under the email field – “The transfer recipient will be charged an additional fee for the transfer.”

5. You will see that under the person’s Registration/Ticket number, it will now read, PENDING TRANSFER in the order. This will confirm that your transfer request was sent out.

An email has been sent to the person you are transferring the registration/ticket to, and you will also receive a copy of the email. Once the person has accepted the transfer you will see a CANCELLED date and the text TRANSFERRED.

Please note: If you purchased Attendee Protection it will not transfer to the new attendee. If it is still being offered, the new attendee will have a chance to purchase their own Attendee Protection when they accept the transfer.

Tip: If the original buyer is planning to sell the new person their Registration/Ticket they must make payment arrangements with the new person directly. Neither, nor the event organizer will get involved in the financial transaction of a transfer.    

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