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How do I copy an event?

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2021 01:14PM PDT

At, we are constantly thinking of ways to make your event management tasks easier and more efficient. With our Copy Event feature, you will be able to easily copy the format and set up from a LIVE or recently completed event. 

When should I use this feature?

This function is especially beneficial for organizations offering the same event in multiple locations. For example, an event series or an event that happens annually.  Once you create the original event and are happy with its performance, you can copy that as many times as you’d like without having to recreate the entire event.

1. To get started, Log In and wait for your event card to load. If the event you intend to copy, doesn’t readily appear, select the tab that best applies (All, Live, Draft, Completed) and find the event you want to copy.

2. Click on the Copy Event icon located in the top right corner of the event card.

3. Once you copy an event

  • Name your event. By default the name will show as “Copy of (event name)” you can edit this on the spot or after the fact through the Edit tab on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Set your date and time. Dates & times will be calculated for you, based on last year’s past dates/times, but you can always change this at any time.
  • Choose Organization. If you are an event organizer working on multiple organizations, you can chose to copy an event from one organization and adopt the setup and flow for the other organization. How cool is that?!?

What is copied from original event?

The Copy an Event option will copy the following fields, settings and info (when applicable):

  • Registration/Tickets (including all advanced settings, inventory, pricing, restrictions, etc.)
  • Form questions
  • Waivers
  • Languages
  • Tax Settings
  • Analytics tracking code
  • Banner image
  • Location
  • Is event searchable on toggle
  • Event description
  • Event website URL
  • Instagram URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Purchases (Attendee items and Other Stuff)
  • Team settings
  • User admin permissions (Owners will have full access to new events. Other roles will need to have the event added to them). User invitations are not resent.

*If an event is copied from a different organization, then the event copy will be associated to the new organization granting access to their users.

What is not copied from original event? 

The following fields CANNOT be copied:

  • Promo Codes (global and event specific)
  • Receive funds/payment account (The account information is copied, but the account needs to be selected to use)
  • Giving settings
  • Confirmation messages
  • Post-registration settings (for Event Goers)
  • Start and End dates for Registrations/Tickets. You will need to manually change these within the Registration/Ticket section. Click the Settings (gear) icon to show this information within the Reg/Ticket page.

*If an event is copied from a different organization, the payment information is not copied over.

Pro Tip: Please keep in mind that copying an event does not automatically make the new event LIVE and ready for registrations. You will still need to confirm that the event details are all correct and manually take it LIVE.

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