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How do I view a real-time snapshot of data and performance across all my events?

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2019 01:34PM PDT

As an organization putting on multiple events a year, or the same event year over year, you need a way to view all of your events’ data and performances. Your Organization Dashboard allows you to get a real-time snapshot of this data with a few simple clicks. 

Currently the Organization level dashboards will show you:

  • Registration/Tickets Sold: An overall count of registrations/tickets sold minus all registrations/tickets canceled across all events.
  • Net Revenue by Currency: The net revenue across all registration/tickets, purchases and user-defined taxes, minus refunds, discounts and fees per currency across all events.
  • Live, Draft, or Completed: You can change the view to see all events that are live, in drafts, or completed.
  • Filter: With any of the options in this article, the filter can be added to further narrow your search of information.
  • List View: This will show you the information placed out in a list format similar to how an excel spreadsheet would appear. You can view the active registrations, net revenue, discounts, refunds, taxes, and currency. This is all arranged by the events within your live, draft, or completed folders.
  • Graph View: Selecting the graph view will allow you to see specific events registrations and revenue compared to other events, this can be chosen by clicking the Graph button.

Note: Transactions processed within the past 10 minutes may not be included in the dashboards.

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