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What is a dispute?

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2022 08:27AM PST

A dispute, or chargeback is a situation in which the purchaser questions the validity of a charge with their bank. After a purchaser has disputed a charge, their bank issues them a conditional refund. This is where the chargeback name comes from, the funds are taken from the vendor and given back to the purchaser. The purchaser’s bank sends a request for evidence to investigate the dispute to be provided by the vendor.

Understanding Disputes for Direct Deposit

When you’re set up for direct deposit with Events.com, our team of specialists monitor and manage disputes for you. If a dispute is refunded after your revenue has been paid out, your bank account will be debited. If won, the funds will be returned to you and paid out in your next scheduled payout. This activity is updated in your reporting in real time.

There are multiple reasons a purchaser may dispute a charge:

credit not processed
product not received
product unacceptable

In response to every dispute, our team first sends notification emails to the purchaser and the event organizer. Next we compile evidence based on the reason of the dispute to provide to the bank. These are things such as a copy of the confirmation email and order summary, the main details of the event, the refund policy if applicable and where the purchaser either viewed or agreed to the policies. We will also review if the event has already taken place and include this information as well.

It may take 60 – 120 days for a dispute to be resolved by the purchaser’s bank. If we receive notification of a lost dispute we will cancel the order at that time. A won disputed order will remain active.

What you can do about Disputes

You can reduce the risk of disputes by having a clear event description, defining a refund policy and responding quickly to refund requests (and when possible offer other alternatives if your policy is No Refunds). Although, even with a No Refunds policy, banks can still initiate a chargeback and resolve in favor of the purchaser.

You are welcome to reach out to the purchaser directly, especially if it’s very close to your event date. In this situation, you may want to cancel their order in advance and have them purchase a new order.

If your event has already taken place, you can share any results or photos on your website or social media. This will help our team find this information quickly.

If you have any questions about disputes, or our dispute process please reach out to our customer success team at help@events.com

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