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What’s the difference between registrations and tickets?

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2021 01:28PM PDT

If your event requires you to gather detailed information on each attendee, you’ll want to offer registrations. Some examples of registered events are: Running Events, Races, and Conferences.

If your event experience does not depend on you having detailed information for each attendee, you might want to offer tickets. Some examples for ticketed events are: Festivals, Concerts, Art fairs.

You’ll be asked to decide while you’re creating an event, but you can also change your choice from the Registration/Ticket page. This is really up to you, and how you decide to present your options to your attendees.

Pro Tip: Adding questions to collect detailed information can be done through Form Questions. Please check out this helpful article to get started! – How can I collect additional information from my event goers? 

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