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Where do I download my payment reports?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:25AM PST

When you’ve set up Direct Deposit with Events.com, we provide you with two different payment reports: Payment Details and Payment SummaryPayment Details will give you individual transactions that make up your deposit. The Payment Summary will summarize the information based by product (products are purchases, and registration / ticket types). Find out how to access these reports below!

1. Log In to your Events.com account.

2. As an organizer, your first screen will be your Org Summary. To the right of the Org Summary in the blue navigation bar, you will find your account’s Payment Details and Payment Summary.

3. Going into Payment Details will allow you to view where your funds are obtained from in your events. You will need to select a date in which you received a remittance to see where the funds were gathered from.

4. Going into the Payment Summary, it will allow you to view your past payouts, and your Current Remittance Amount. Clicking SHOW HISTORY will display the past payouts. You can use the dropdowns to view specific reports by dates.

5. Once you have specified all necessary fields, you can click START DOWNLOAD. The report will download and be added into your Previous Reports list for you to open and view.

Pro Tips: All of your events under the same organization using the same account will be a part of the same deposit. By choosing Custom in the date range you will be given two date fields to indicate a start and end, allowing you to download all of your remittances in one report.

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