10 Tips for Effortless Event Transportation

When you start planning your next big event, remember to pay attention to transportation options for your attendees. This is especially important if your event is taking place in a large city that may be unfamiliar to people attending. Taking care of transportation is also a great way to add a ‘green’ element to your event. Here are 10 ways you can make getting around easier for your event attendees. 

  1. Test drive all route options before promoting them to ensure they are safe and convenient. Don’t forget to try them with any gear (i.e., suitcase) your attendees might be carrying.
  2. Design maps with safe walking routes between event venues, hotels, and attractions.
  3. Offer a walking ambassador service that helps people get where they need to be safely.
  4. Research and post the travel times and costs of different ways to access your event so participants can make informed choices based on their budget.
  5. Incentivize carpools by giving discounted parking to full vehicles or chances to win cool prizes. 
  6. Upload a fun video to show attendees how easy it is to use public transportation. Consider including fun tidbits about local points of interest, so they feel more comfortable exploring their host city.
  7. Help green travelers connect with hashtags like #goingmyway or #greenriders.
  8. Add a transit pass purchase option to your registration site or event ticket.
  9. Embed transit, walking, and biking guides in your mobile event application.
  10. Offer a daily prize for the most steps taken or make a donation to a health-related charity when step milestones are reached. Tell us in the comments your tips for handling event transportation.

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