3 Big Holiday Event Industry Trends

The holidays are a stressful time and planning a year-end event only adds to the pressure. To keep your blood pressure down, we’ve gathered three trends to try at your upcoming holiday event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Cocktails and Cuisine: Food and drink are a big draw for any event, but for the holidays, guests are expecting something special. Celebrity event planner Arthur Backal offers these suggestions:

  • Indoor food carts that highlight unique foods inspired by global fare.
  • Craft beers and cocktails—bonus points if they are from local breweries or wineries.
  • Themed dessert stations like a hot chocolate bar instead of traditional dessert.

Let There Be Lights! Use lighting to transform your room and get your guests in a merry state of mind. Deborah Weisenhous of Art Of Imagination recommends:

  • Illuminate the overhead space with dangling cafe globe lights.
  • Layer twinkle lights with LED uplighting in hot seasonal colors like teal quartz or vibrant navy blue.
  • Add dynamic transitions by using dimmers and programming the LED lights at specific times throughout the event.

Change Up Your Glassware: Mason jars have been a dominating focal point on Pinterest and popular event décor. To shake things up for the holidays Backal suggests
using the following:

  • Use different glassware sizes and colors for more variety and eye appeal.
  • Forgo clear glasses in favor of a mixture of colorful containers in different sizes.
  • Display glass vases in varying shades of the same color sitting on a window ledge.

Photo Credit: Art of Imagination

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