3 Creative Ways to Fundraise

Asking people to donate time or money—even if it’s for a great cause—isn’t always easy. So, the question becomes, “How can charities attract new donors, re-engage with current donors, and get more regular donations?” Try one of these three creative fundraising ideas:

  1. Create Minor Donor Groups
    These groups target givers who typically donate less than $1,000/year with the goal of motivating them to support your organization and give at a consistent level each year. Assign your groups catchy names, offer appropriate and budget-friendly membership benefits, along with an invitation to a yearly meeting.
  2. Hold Super Events
    The super event concept is similar to political fundraising tactics: hold a small fundraiser with multiple hosts, held at numerous locations on the same night, and all around the same theme. This helps build buzz and increases the potential to raise more money than larger, individual events and with less strain on your staff or volunteer resources.
  3. Offer Real-Time Updates
    Most donors give with the assumption that the charity will use their monies responsibly. At their annual conference, key supporters of The Children’s Society asked for transparency into donation distribution, and how their gifts made a difference. This resulted in the charity using mobile, web, and app technology to send supporters real-time updates and thank-you messages.

Photo Credit: The Children’s Society

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