3 Quick Tips for Selling Out Your Next Event

Selling out an event is an event organizer’s dream, but actually being able to pull it off is a different story. We suggest you start by using these three quick tips:

  1. Create Partnerships
    To help get the word out about your event, partner with local organizations. This angle is perfect if you’re a smaller or newer event. Attaching your event to a larger, well-known group puts your event in a positive light and provides
    trustworthiness by association in the public’s eye.
  2. Diversify Promotion
    We’ve touched on this before, but let’s review: set-up a landing page, create a unique and event specific hashtag, and build excitement by communicating with interested parties via social media and email lists. Do what makes sense for your target audience; keeping in mind out-of-the-box thinking could be the way to go.
  3. Simplify Sign Up
    People want to attend your event—congratulations! Now make it easy for them to register using Events.com registration software. From custom questions and messaging, to discount codes and scheduled pricing, we make it easy for people to sign up and attend your conference. Tell us in the comments what tips you’ve successfully used in event planning.

Get Your Event Going

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