4 App Features Event Pros Want

  1. Real-Time Video
    Event professionals want more video capabilities from event apps and providers seem to be listening with 63 percent of providers offering video embedding capabilities and 49 percent offering live streaming. As the web becomes increasingly visual, applications such as Periscope and Facebook Live will continue to encourage users to share what they are doing now. Event professionals seem to understand the power of sharing real-time attendee live experiences.
  2. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)
    Thanks to our growing need for constant connectivity, FOMO is a real thing. Just think about how anxious you feel when you can’t connect to your social media platforms—even for a brief period of time. That’s FOMO. Julius Solaris says, “The apps that have true integration with social media, combined with live streaming capabilities will help to create powerful FOMO and ease it at the same time.”
  3. Event Management
    While apps are great replacements for show guides and networking tools, more event professionals demand their apps to offer event planning and management features. As Laura South, vice president, the Merchant Strategy, Inc. puts it: [I expect] Task organization, risk management, crisis management, time lines, the capability
of organizing the event for future ease of management.” Smart event apps offer convenient tools to manage the event before, during and after.
  4. True Integration
    Event professionals want integration with registration platforms and recent analysis shows 78 percent of apps offer registration integration. So, everyone is happy, right? Not exactly. It seems there is a tendency in over promising and under delivering:
    “Integration with event management software and registration systems still seems to be a challenge.” Heather Sampson, CMP, Independent PlannerEventProfessionals expect real-time data updating and one click import capabilities. The apps that can offer true integration with multiple suppliers will succeed.

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