4 Ways to Pick the Best Venue

Location, location, location—it doesn’t just apply to finding a house, but finding a venue as well. Your event is about to be your attendee’s home, and picking a poor venue can easily reduce your attendee count next year. Luckily, we came up with four ways to help pick the best home away from home for your attendees.

  1. First and foremost, it’s important to look through any surveys you may have from your previous events. If you gave your attendees the opportunity to give feedback, make sure to actually put in the time to read and analyze them. In this scenario, look out for anything your attendees may have said about the event’s location and venue. See what worked for them and what they thought needed some improvement. If you don’t have feedback on the venue specifically, consider adding a venue category to your post-event survey for future use.
  2. Location is a huge part of picking the perfect venue. You want to make sure that your venue is not only accessible to your attendees but also comfortable. There are many aspects of a location that needs to be taken into consideration. If your event is bringing in people from outside the city, make sure to look at where the airport and hotels are in relation to your venue. You may also want to look into how much parking is available at or near your venue. If you don’t think there’s enough, consider talking to the hotels nearby about offering a shuttle for your attendees. The safety and security of the location is especially important. The last thing you want is your attendees feeling unsafe during their time at your event.
  3. Make sure to look into the history of the venue. See what kinds of events this venue has hosted in the past and see if you discover a trend. For example, if you’re hosting a leadership conference, and venue X tends to host mostly food festivals, then maybe venue X isn’t for you. If a venue is more prone to hosting a certain type of event, then they may be less equipped to handle your event type.
  4. Before deciding on a venue, be sure to read past reviews and reach out to other event organizers that have used the same venue. This can be particularly eye-opening, as other event organizers can shed light on how accommodating the venue is and what their attendees liked and disliked about it. Their real-life experiences are a great decision-making tool for you, as they can provide information that the venue may not be able to.

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