5 Ways Meetings Can Tap into the Millennial Market

It’s a Millennial world and meeting planners can either join in or get left behind. According to Fortune 500 consultant, Dan Schawbel, by 2025, Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce worldwide Entrepreneur.com goes even further, saying by 2050, there will be almost 80 million Millennials in the United States. And despite the widely-used stereotypes, not all members of Generation Y are self absorbed. However, they do have a keen sense of what they want to achieve and will be attracted to those who help them reach their goals. And that’s why it’s important for meeting planners to pay attention so they can reach, attract, and retain this rising demographic of professionals. Here are five ways to market your events to Millennials:

  1. Bright Lights, Big City
    Give your event an edge by setting it in the heart of a big city. Millennials are drawn to public transportation and after-hours activity options that many major cities offer.
  2. Offer Networking Opportunities
    Grab Millennials’ attention by touting your event’s peer-to-peer networking opportunities. Schawbel says 86 percent of Millennials want career networking and job opportunities and will be more likely to attend if they know it will be available.
  3. Make Your Environment Creative and Collaborative
    Offer access to technology and hands-on elements to encourage interaction between attendees and brands. Start by developing main-stage events with multiple viewpoints and also focus on lighting, seating arrangement, and overall comfort within the space.
  4. Close the Gap on the Leadership Ladder
    Make major breakthroughs in connectivity by providing opportunities for people from all levels and disciplines to interact. At meals, arrange seating so senior executives are exchanging ideas with the ‘rank and file.’
  5. Keep the Event Going
    Have your content and subject matter experts available post-event to extend the time and reach of your audience knowledge opportunity. Tell us in the comments the effective methods you’ve used to reach the Millennial market when planning events.

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