Fall in Love with These 8 Unique Valentine’s Day Event Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost here. If you’re into candlelit dinners, a dozen red roses, and heart-shaped chocolates, then by all means, you do you (we’re not judging!). But if you’re looking for some alternative ideas that won’t break the bank and make you feel like a giant cliché, then keep reading.

Here are 8 unique ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

  1. Host an Un-fancy Wine Tasting
    You don’t need to fly to Napa or Valle De Guadalupe just to experience a fun wine tasting–you can do it in your own home this Valentine’s Day. And you don’t need to be a sommelier to enjoy a fine (or not so fine) wine. Ask each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and app to your event, print out some basic facts about each (see, you’re already a sommelier in training), and set up a spread of Valentine’s themed heavy appetizers. It’s an easy way to enjoy a variety of wines you may not typically try.
  2. Attend a Comedy Show
    Did you know that frequent and whole-hearted laughter actually helps your body fight off diseases? Skip the doctor this Valentine’s Day by attending a comedy show and laughing your heart out.  

    Fact: You could be with the worst date of your life and still have an awesome time laughing at a comedy event
  3. Host a Dinner Party
    Stick with the love theme by hosting a dinner party event and asking each guest to bring a dish they love. In other words, a Valentine’s Day potluck, but we don’t think “potluck” has a very romantic ring to it, do you?
    What better way to celebrate a day about love than to surround yourself with cherished dishes and the people you love most?

    Sauce it up and add to the red theme of Valentine’s by making an easy and delicious sangria. Get the recipe here.

  4. Attend a Speed Dating Event
    Single and ready to mingle? Get out of your comfort zone by attending a speed dating event with a group of friends. You may not meet your soulmate, but you’ll leave with a lot to talk and giggle about with your friends. This is a great way to gather rich material you’ll remember for years to come.
  5. Take a Class
    Give your brain some love by attending an enriching, entertaining class. Embrace your inner Julia Child by learning to cook Crêpes Suzette or coq au vin, brew your own beer or kombucha, paint a self-portrait or raise your endorphins while learning how to salsa dance. Whether you’re attending solo, with a special someone, or with a group of friends, taking a class can offer a new and exciting experience suitable for any Valentine’s Day celebration.
  6. Attend a Local Sporting Event
    Show your competitive side at a local sports event. Feel the love and adrenaline in the air while rooting on your favorite team with your date or just enjoy watching a sport you love with friends and family.
  7. Attend a Live Music Event
    How many times have you left a music event and felt sad (operas not included)? Answer: likely never. Science has proven that when music enters our brains it triggers feelings of pleasure by releasing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy. So why not take that information, grab a date or group of friends, and attend a live music event this Valentine’s Day?Whether you’re interested in jazz clubs, musicals, rock concerts or anywhere in between, attending a live music event can make for a romantic Valentine’s date or a fun night.
  8. Organize a Bar Crawl
    Be adventurous by organizing a wine bar crawl this Valentine’s Day. Explore a local area and try new wines and foods you may fall in love with. Wine can get expensive and heavy on the alcohol, so consider splitting a glass with someone to avoid feeling less than ideal the next day. Don’t forget to book your Uber!
    Pro tip: Not sure what to give someone for Valentine’s Day? If you are planning to gift a Valentine’s experience, click here for things to consider for different personality types.

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