Gifting an Experience

When people think about experience gifts, we often remember the things we used to do as kids. Making coupons for a ‘Free Car Wash’ or ‘Help with Laundry’. Although we likely all had good intentions, our moms rarely cashed in any of the goodies, and arguably our focus was in the wrong place. Experience gifting is a chance to be creative about the time you spend with the people you care about. Here are some suggestions based on the types of people you may have in your life.

  1. The Adventurer
    Ranging from day trips to days away, this option may require a large budget. That being said, if you live to travel, it can be a rewarding gift! Think about places you want to go, and how your family likes to explore. Do you camp? Hike? Climb? Love history?
  2. The Athlete
    There’s something out there for all fitness levels! Family fun runs, obstacle courses, yoga, archery games, just to name a few! As experiences are becoming more popular many of them offer holiday and gift promotions. If you can’t buy it right away, simply print a picture and let them know your intentions.
  3. The Culture Lover
    Keep an eye out for local performances, plays, and movie releases. If there is nothing coming to town in the near future, you could give a gift card to a venue and let them choose the show.
  4. The Doer
    These types of activities are more fun with larger groups, but don’t feel like you have to pay for everyone. Pick one family member to focus the gift on, and ask other members if they’d want to join. Things like paint night, an escape room, glass blowing, or pottery can be entertaining and teach you a new skill.
  5. The Homebody
    Does your homebody enjoy woodworking, cooking, or gardening? These things don’t come with an admission cost but they often require equipment. For the gardener in your life, you could pick up some personalized gardening gloves and let them know that they will have your undivided attention this summer. Cooking or baking? Grab a fun cookbook and pick out a recipe to tackle together.One of the reasons why people love receiving gifts is they are flattered by the gesture that the other person has made. Giving the gift of an experience not only shows someone that you care, but also that you want to spend time with them. Happy Holidays everyone!

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