How to Get Sponsors for an Event

Looking to secure sponsors for your event but aren’t sure where to start?

Follow these 5 simple steps!


1.   Prospect

Research companies in your area that appeal to attendees of your event, and look at industries spending money on event marketing.

2.  Explore

Begin the conversation with potential event sponsors to learn about their marketing goals, budget, and interest in your event.

3.  Propose

Based on your exploratory conversations, build and send an informative proposal that outlines the items you’re offering as part of the event sponsorship and the associated cost.

4.  Agree

Listen to their feedback from the proposal, and send an agreement that includes the price of event sponsorship, legal disclaimer, payment terms, and a place for the sponsor to sign and date.

5.  Activate

Once the deal is signed, gather necessary materials (logos, content, etc.) and implement the event sponsorship in a timely manner, communicating with the sponsor throughout the process.

With these steps in mind, hit the pavement and sign some event sponsors!

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