How to Turn Skeptical Event Goers into Fired Up Attendees

Skeptical event goers may think they have lots of reasons not to attend your event. Perhaps your event seems too good to be true, there is a misunderstanding of the agenda, or maybe they’re worried about being alone because their friends can’t attend. Regardless of the reason, we want to help you prove them wrong and show those event goers why they should be fired up to attend your event.

Start by Explaining Your Event

  1. Know your event inside and out. You are your own event connoisseur and people want to make sure you’ve thought out every aspect of your event down to number of accessible outlets in the venue in case someone needs to charge their laptop or phone.
  2. Try avoiding jargon when explaining your event. You want your event goers to have the clearest understanding of your event possible. Using words or terms such as “cabaret-style layout” to describe the flow of the venue space will leave your possible event goers with new a vocabulary but provide no actual meaning or clarification to them. This can and will cause a number of effects and none of them will be good for you or your event turnout.
  3. Differentiate your event. Demonstrate how your event will be different (and better) than other similar events your event goers may have previously attended. If you are hosting an event for a second or third time, highlight the changes you’ve made from previous years and why this experience will be even more memorable than the last.
  4. Sprinkle in some testimonials. What better way to provide evidence of the success for your event than testimonials of other event goers? People will always trust other people before they trust your brand. So, give them other people to trust! Always consider supporting your testimonials with hard metrics and statistics because the numbers don’t lie.
  5. Event goers who may be skeptical most likely have questions addressing their concerns. It is important to directly and honestly answer their questions. Being straightforward and specific will win the trust of the event goer whether you have the right answer to their question or not.
  6. Acknowledge event goers’ objections. If they aren’t willing to specifically address you with their concerns, try to determine what they are and address them. Lots of times, their objections are something you already have solved or have a solution for.

Pro tip: People are social. An easy way to encourage attendance is by making it a social affair. Make sure it is easy for attendees to register or buy tickets, has a social media presence and allows people to easily invite their friends or share what they are doing on social media.

Firing Up Event Goers

  1. Fulfill the promises you made. Nothing will destroy your reputation faster than falsely advertising or portraying your event.
  2. Strengthen your relationship with event goers whether they signed up to attend your event or not. Just because they decided to sit out this event, doesn’t mean they’ll be down for the count at your future events.
  3. Word-of-mouth is an extremely powerful (arguably the most powerful) sales tool in today’s age. Encourage your event goers to tell other people about your event and spread the word via social media. Earned media is an impactful strategy that is cost effective and builds your event brand’s reputation.
  4. Release teasers about the upcoming event through social media. Not only will the teasers drive your event to the top of their minds, it gets them excited for what they have to look forward to on the day of the event. Consider creating a sense of suspense with event teasers leaving room for mystery and even more excitement from what to expect.

Now you know the tricks of the trade, plan your next event on We can’t think of a better start to getting your attendees fired up.