The Benefits of Mobile Check In for Events

In the world of technology, there are always new and creative ways to make our lives easier. Check-in processes for events are no exception. With mobile check-in assistance for event organizers, you can now make the on-site event entry process more efficient for your guests and event staff.

There are many benefits to using digital check-in services for your events, including improved security, increased efficiency, and a more enjoyable guest experience. Read on to learn more about the advantages of mobile check in for events and how you can implement this convenient feature into your next event management plan.

What Is Mobile Check In?

Mobile check in is the process of allowing attendees to use a mobile device such as a smartphone to scan a QR code or tap their NFC-enabled device to enter an event space. This contrasts with the traditional process of having guests present physical tickets or printed passes at the door.

Mobile check in can be accomplished through several different methods, including:

  • Check in apps
  • Text messages
  • Check-in links
  • QR codes

The most common method is to use an event check in app. Guests can download the app and then use it to check into the event by scanning a QR code or entering their name and contact information. This allows them to bypass the traditional event sign up sheet and check in quickly and easily.

Another option to choose is text message check-in. With this method, guests will receive a text message with or without a security code before they arrive at the event. They can then reply to the text message with their name, security code, if applicable, or other information to check in.

Using a check-in link is also an option. You can do this by sending registered guests a link ahead of time. Event attendees can then click the link, which will take them to a check-in page. From there, they can enter their information to gain event entry.

QR code check-in is similar to the curbside check-in procedures used at airports in the sense that guests need to scan a QR code with their cell phones to get instant access to the event. They can receive these QR codes via email, text message, or directly from the event app.

Whichever method you choose as an event planner, mobile check-in is a convenient way for guests to check into your event without having to wait in line.

Benefits of Mobile Check In Services for Events

There are many reasons you should use mobile check in services for your future events. Mobile check in can:

  • Simplify the event check-in process
  • Improve data protection and security
  • Reduce wait times
  • Improve the guest experience

Below is a more detailed look into how these benefits can help your events run more smoothly.

Simply Scan a QR Check In Code on Attendees’ Mobile Devices

The first and most obvious benefit of using digital check-in procedures is that it makes the event check-in quicker and more efficient. Rather than having guests wait in line to sign in on a paper list or show their ID, they can use their mobile devices to scan a QR code or enter their information. This method saves time for both guests and event staff.

The only requirements your attendees need are internet access and their mobile devices. If you choose to use a check in app, your guest will also need to download the app before the event.

Eliminate Human Error

In addition to being more time-efficient, mobile check in is also more secure. When guests use their own devices to check in, it reduces the need for event staff to handle sensitive personal information. This helps to protect the guests’ privacy and eliminates human error.

For example, if a guest’s name is incorrectly spelled on the paper sign-in sheet, their information will be incorrect in the event database. This risk decreases when attendees enter their own information into the system.

Speed Up the Check In Line

With traditional check-in methods, guests often queue at check-in desks to get their names checked off a list or receive a physical ticket. With mobile check in, guests can quickly and easily check in using their cell phones. This technical procedure reduces wait times and contributes to a seamless event experience.

Moreover, using additional check-in assistance to speed up the check-in process is also a great way to ensure event access control during the coronavirus pandemic by limiting human-to-human contact in confined spaces.

Track Arrival Time

Mobile check-in allows you to track the arrival time of your guests. This information can be helpful for various purposes, such as determining how long it took for guests to arrive at the event or tracking no-shows.

You can also use this information to improve the guest experience at future events. For example, if you notice that many guests are arriving late, you can adjust the event start time or send out reminders ahead of time.

Offer a Contactless Mobile Check In Experience for Guests

COVID-19 has changed how we interact at events, requiring event planners to implement social distancing measures to keep guests safe. Contactless check-in procedures are one way to do this.

With mobile check in, guests can access the event space without interacting with event staff or other guests. This contactless experience helps to ensure the safety of your guests and employees while still allowing them to enjoy the event. It can also assist with contact tracing if visitors test positive for COVID-19.

Streamline the Check In Process with a Mobile App for Digital Check In

Managing guest registration and on-site check-in are crucial for any event management plan. Using mobile check-in software can streamline these processes and make them more efficient. This has the advantage of saving time and money while enhancing the guest experience.

With the EveryHere™ app, you can:

  • View your attendees’ details at check-in, including email address, previous purchases, and answers to form questions
  • Assign them an ID number and collect their waiver signatures with a simple touch screen signing feature
  • Ensure off-line check-in capability so your event can keep running even if there are internet connection issues
  • Analyze your event’s check-in stats in the app, or download a custom report

Learn more about this comprehensive mobile check-in solution and offer your guests a seamless check-in experience at your next event.