Throwing a Memorable Company Holiday Party

As a meetings and events planner, you’ve probably spent most of the year scrutinizing floor plans and running around venues executing every detail to perfection. So, the last thing you probably want to do is throw a holiday party for your employees, are we right? But here’s why you should: it gives you a chance to celebrate your company culture, pat yourselves on the back for another great year, and it boosts employee morale. Now here’s how you can make it memorable:

  1. Pick a Cool Theme
    Seriously. Everyone knows it’s the holidays, so skip the predictable red and green. If you’re a larger company, you can go all out like Groupon did with their Chicago World’s Fair party. Smaller companies can pick a more intimate location that still exudes a festive mood. You can even draw inspiration from your brand like the Deutsch LA’s Studio 54 party, which was inspired by their address: 5454. Whatever direction you go in, make sure you fully commit and have fun!
  2. Serve Interesting Food
    Avoid the usual, boring holiday fare (we’re looking at you pigs in a blanket) and give everyone’s palates a reason to get excited. Support a local business that serves a signature dish and make it the centerpiece of your meal. Cater outside the box by hiring a food truck or mobile margarita bar!
  3. Turn Up the Volume!
    Book a swing band, an Elvis impersonator, or a DJ. Anything that goes with your theme and keeps the good vibes going. And nothing brings people out of their comfort zones faster than a karaoke machine. It just makes people “Happy,” so have a contest and let your employees “Roar.”
  4. Play Santa
    Show employees they’re valued by handing out personalized gifts. Choose something engraved with each employee’s name, or unexpected like a cool portable cocktail kit. Your employees go above-and-beyond throughout the year; this is the perfect opportunity to recognize that. Plus, it ends the evening on a positive note. Tell us your cool holiday party ideas in the comments!

Photo Credit: Sheri Whitko

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