Why Virtual Events Are Actually Pretty Great

With all in-person events postponed or canceled, the virtual event is crowned king. Now you might ask yourself, why would I want to join a virtual event when I want the in-person experience? Here are just a few reasons why virtual events are actually pretty great to attend.

1. Flexible and cost-effective:
From the travel itself to parking, eating and even finding someone to watch your dog and water your plants, attending in-person events are an investment. When attending a virtual event, you don’t have to travel, which means lower cost to you, and less dependence on friends who will want you to return the favor in the future. And no matter the weather, a virtual event can go off without a hitch. Planned on running outside? Use a treadmill instead. Don’t have a treadmill? Use your balcony like this guy (or maybe stairs).

2. Comfortable facilities: No hotel bed worries or missing the continental breakfasts. You can cook what you want, when you want, or get delivery at all hours. Your own private bathroom and no crowds are also a definite plus. And if there’s an outdoor component, you get to choose where. This also means that when you need a break, you are in your own comfort zone. 

3. Fewer formalities: Usually the attire for virtual conferences are much less formal, which means you don’t necessarily have to iron those nice pants, but we do still suggest that you wear them. If you’re participating in an endurance event, you are your own group. Race by your rules and pick your own pace.

4. Community sustainability: Supporting an event through these difficult times means that they will be able to continue to offer it in the future despite the setbacks that this year has brought us. Social distancing is a temporary measure, and once the restrictions have lifted, we will all need in-person events to feel normal again.

5. Rebranded function or purpose: Social networking is a big part of events, and this is still possible with virtual gatherings. Video chatting, messaging and sharing of resources is absolutely possible with the aid of modern virtual meeting platforms. Virtual race? GPS apps with sound effects/soundtracks built-in make you feel like you’re really racing. You can even add VR for some extra flavor. Choose to race outside for that “realistic” experience.

While we know you might not have signed up for a virtual event, there is no reason it can’t be exactly what you are looking for, so give it a chance. Check out our new Virtual Event Calendar to discover upcoming virtual events!