Why You Should Use A Drag and Drop Venue

Location. Location. Location. When you’re hosting an event, real estate matters. Instead of booking the same ‘been there, done that’ hotspot, reimagine your event space with a drag and drop venue.

Reuse and Reinvent
Touted by Event Manager Blog as one of the top event trends for 2015, drag and drop venues are temporary, portable structures that build anticipation from announcement to arrival; similar to the pop-up store concept or specialty food trucks. By offering a hint of mystery, these unique units infuse a new energy into an event and offer attendees an immersive experience.

Here are three reasons why you should use the drag and drop approach:

  1. Flexibility
    roadshow truck can be tailored to various budgets and sizes, becoming a moving brand ambassador for your event. It is also an excellent tie-in with social media: ask people to post pictures of where they spot the truck and communicate when and where it will be next.
  2. Personalized Experience
    A portable space gives your event character Boxman Studios in Charlotte, NC modifies and customizes shipping containers for a wide-range of uses. At the 2014 South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) Festivalthey helped design an Oreo Trending Vending Lounge where attendees created and consumed 3-D printed Oreo cookies.
  3. Value for the Money
    Build what you need instead of getting stuck with unnecessary extras. Sole ownership allows greater creative freedom, and depending on how you design the space, there’s the possibility it can be reinvented for a future event. Now that’s recycling at its finest.Photo Credit: The Events Structure

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