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How do I add new invitees to an existing invitation?

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2019 07:03AM PDT

At we understand the importance of having the ability to send invitations to your audience. We also know that sometimes, you might want to send an invitation to new people without starting at the beginning. We make it easy to add new invitees to an existing invitation. Here’s how:

1. Log In to your account.

2. As an organizer your first screen will be your organization data. You can select between your LIVEDRAFT and COMPLETED events and click the event you wish to add new invitees.

3. Go to PROMOTIONS on the left side menu, and select INVITATIONS, which will display the invitations you have already sent.

4. From there, click Manage, and select View/Edit. Below the invitation, you will see where you can Add Invitees.

5. We provide you with a template you can download, so selecting your invitees is easier on you. After saving it as a .CSV, click BROWSE to find your file, and then UPLOAD. The spot will update, to display a confirmation message that the upload was a success.

Tips: If you haven’t sent an invitation yet, please check outHow do I use invitations?

If you want to RESEND the invite to people who haven’t redeemed, we recommend doing this step before adding New Invitees. You can find the steps for resending here – How do I resend an invitation?

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