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How do I collect complimentary T-shirt sizes from my registrants?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:15AM PST

If your event offers a complimentary t-shirt with registration, you will need to make sure you know each registrant’s size when placing orders. You’ll want to set this under the Purchases tool. All items will require a selection for each registrant to successfully process the order.

1. Log In to your Events.com account.

2. To add an item, click on EVENT DETAILS on the left side of the screen, and select Purchases.

3. Then, click on ADD ATTENDEE ITEM under Attendee Items.

4. Give your t-shirt a NAME (e.g. “T-Shirt Size”).

5. Then you’ll want to add each size that you offer as an OPTION NAMEIf you have limited inventory for each size, be sure to add that limit under INVENTORY to ensure you can’t sell more product than you have. Since this is a complimentary item, leave the price at $0.

6. To add another size, click on the plus symbol.  You can add as many sizes as you want, with their own inventory limits and pricing. If needed, you can use the arrows to adjust the position of the Option Names (This is the order how they will appear in the registration form). Get ready to click the gear symbol for the finishing touches.

7. The Advanced Settings tab allows you to toggle Required to YES or NO, add Product Description, add a Product Image, the option to Hide Pricing, customize the Availability and add any Restrictions.

8. Click SAVE to save your changes.

Pro Tip: It is a good idea to add an image for any item that you offer or sell to get people excited about wearing your awesome brand. See How do I add an Image to Additional Purchases? for instructions.

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