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How do I set up purchases to upsell my event goers?

Adding purchasable items is an easy way to upsell and make additional revenue at your event! Follow the steps below…

How can I offer additional purchases that each of my event goers must select?

You may have additional items for your event that each event goer must select to complete a purchase, such as…

How do I sell merchandise, services, experiences, and other things that don’t have to be associated to a specific attendee?

If your event or brand sells merchandise, such as a hat or water bottle, you may want to allow people…

How do I add an image to additional purchases?

Adding an image for each Additional Purchase that you offer can entice people to make more purchases. 1. Log In to…

How do I collect complimentary T-shirt sizes from my registrants?

If your event offers a complimentary t-shirt with registration, you will need to make sure you know each registrant's size…

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