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How do I set up purchases to upsell my event goers?

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2021 12:23PM PDT

Adding purchasable items is an easy way to upsell and make additional revenue at your event! Follow the steps below to add Purchases!

1. Log In to your account.

2. As an organizer your first screen will be your Org Summary. You can select between your LIVEDRAFT and COMPLETED events and choose the event for which you want to set up additional purchases.

3. Go to EVENT DETAILS in the left side navigation, and then select Purchases.

4. Here you can add Attendee Items (items for each registrant) or Other Stuff (items you would like to upsell to your attendees that will appear once at the end of the order). To add purchases click the ADD button under the option you want.

5. Fill in the NAME (e.g. T-shirt), OPTION NAME (e.g. Small), INVENTORY (number available, if left blank it will be unlimited), and PRICE.

Use the different icons provided to make changes to your items.

  • The “x” icon removes an item within the type of item (e.g. T-shirt size Medium)
  • The “plus” icon adds a new item
  • The “pencil” icon edits an item
  • The “gear” icon opens advanced settings
  • The “trash” icon removes the entire item (e.g. T-shirt)
  • The “up” and “down” arrows allows you to re-order your items

6. The Advanced Settings are slightly different between the two types of purchases (click the “gear” icon to open).

For Attendee Items the Advanced Settings tab allows you to toggle Required to YES or NO (Whether an attendee will be stopped to answer the question), add Product DescriptionProduct Image, the option to Hide Pricing, to customize the Availability and add geographic Restrictions.

To add geographic Restrictions, toggle to Yes. From the first Location menu, you can select whether to Include a location (only be available for) or Exclude a location (unavailable for). Then from the second drop down, select your desired country and click – Add. You will see it appear in the box below under the header of the restriction you selected (either Include or Exclude).

*You must have the Address attendee form question set up to use this geographic restriction. For help setting up Form Questions, view – How do I customize my registration form?

For Other Stuff the Advanced Settings tab allows you to add Product DescriptionProduct Image, the option to customize the Availability and add geographic Restrictions.

7. To add more purchases, click the ADD button under your desired option and start the process again!

8. Click the SAVE button to save your changes

Pro Tip: Attendee items are always limited to one per attendee, Other Stuff will be unlimited unless a Max Allowed Per Order is set.

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