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How do I re-print tickets and/or receipts in the EverySale™ app?

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019 07:11AM PDT

You can re-print tickets and receipts in the EverySale app on an order’s Confirmation page or through the Manage Tickets section of the app

Note: Printing must be turned on in the event settings – learn how to configure event settings

From the Confirmation Page: Once a transaction is complete, a RE-PRINT button will appear on the confirmation page

1. Simply click the button and the ticket(s) and receipt will re-print from the connected printer

From Manage Tickets:

1. Click the MANAGE button in the upper left and then Mange Tickets

2. Find the order/buyer for which you want to re-print ticket(s) by one of the following ways:

  • Search for the order/buyer by the buyer name, order number, email, or the last four digits of the credit card used for the transaction

  • Scroll through the list of orders/buyers displayed on this page

  • Once you have found the order/buyer, click the buyer name, which will take you to the order page


4. This requires a manager to enter their password for final authorization.

Make sure you have login credentials handy and voila!

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