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How do I send an email in MailChimp?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:27AM PST

We’ve synced with MailChimp so you can keep your contact list up to date! If you haven’t synced yet please check out – How do I contact my attendees?

If you have synced and are ready to send an email, this is for you! MailChimp does have a full glorious help center of their own but we’ve found the following steps have helped our organizers get a quick introduction to sending off their first message.

1. Log In to your MailChimp account.

2. Click Campaigns in the upper left –  then in the upper right.

3. Click Email, enter a Campaign Name (this is for you) and click BEGIN.


4. Follow these 4 areas to set the Campaign Info. Of the four sections, select Design Email which we’ll dig deeper into in the next step. After clicking that you will select a layout template, we recommend choosing Basic.

5. Designing your Basic template. It starts you with some building blocks. If there’s anything you don’t want, hover your mouse on it and click the trash can.

If you want to add a logo, click the block and the Content window will open on the right, you can click Replace – Upload (select your image). It will import for you. If you are finished you can click Save & Close at the bottom. This will refresh to the Content Menu on the right side.

To insert an image block, you can click on the Image icon and drag it to the main display.

To edit the text box, click on it and it’ll open the content on the right side with the formatting tools.

The next building block is the social media links, when clicking this it’ll open them to be updated on the right. 

You can remove any icon or add another icon in Content on the right. If you want to remove the whole block, hover on the box on the left side and click the trash can. If you’re adding any click Add Another Service, enter in your pages and click Save & Close to finish.

The part at the very bottom will populate with the info you added to your account. This will display in a test if you want to view it before sending.

When you’ve finished your campaign, click the blue Save & Close on the lower far right.

6. You can now send yourself a Test Email to view before sending to your attendees.

7. When you’re ready, you have two options for sending. You can send right now, by clicking Send in the upper right, or click Schedule if you’d like to set a time/ date. Finish later will take you back to the main page.

Pro Tip: You can repeat these steps for each campaign to give your valued attendees the information they need, every time! Other related articles:
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