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What happens to my attendee insurance if I upgrade/downgrade my ticket?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 10:28AM PST

If the event allows changes, here are the steps for you to make a change to your registration/ticket – How do I change my registration/ticket type?

When your original order had event insurance you may need to make an adjustment to ensure that your registration/ticket is still covered after your change.

1. Log In to your account.

2. Find the order that you would like to change your registration/ticket type for by clicking MY EVENTS, and selecting MANAGE EVENT.

3. Click MANAGE REGISTRATION or MANAGE TICKET, select Change Registration (or Change Ticket).

4. Select the registration/ticket you would like to change to and select CONTINUE.

5. This next screen opens the form for your new registration. Here is where you will be able to scroll down and see options for optional insurance. Make the selection to ensure your registration/ticket is covered and complete your new order!

If you are upgrading, your existing event insurance purchase will act as a credit towards the new total based on your new registration/ticket. You will need to view the Insurance widget and accept the additional fee.

If you are downgrading, your original event insurance purchase will continue to cover your registration/ticket. No refunds are issued.

6. To view your new policy go back to your order by going again to MY EVENTS and MANAGE EVENT. In your order, you will see that you purchased Attendee Insurance. Click View Details to see the history and policy number of your insurance.

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