10 Unique Types of Entertainment Events Worth Hosting

As an event planner, you understand how important it is to entertain attendees. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the kind of entertainment you choose. Whether you’re trying to run a successful fundraiser or just want to diversify the types of events your venue hosts, you don’t want to run out of entertainment event ideas.  

There are many kinds of entertainment events you can run if you feel stuck. Keep reading to learn about ten types of entertainment events you can host that will make your next engagement fun and memorable. 

The Best Way To Entertain Event Goers

If you’re wondering, “What are entertainment events?” It’s simple. An entertainment event is when the goal is to entertain your attendees. Fundraisers, promotions, festivals, and even conferences often include entertainment for events to make them more appealing.

The best way to entertain event goers varies, though. In some cases, entertainment works best if it’s interactive, while in others, you need something that the audience can just watch. Below, you’ll find a list of the ten best, unique types of entertainment events you can host on their own or incorporate into another occasion to make it pop.

1.) Musical Entertainment

One of the most common styles of entertainment is music. It’s flexible enough that you can find some kind of music to fit any type of event. For example, you could use:

  • Pop and rock concerts with big names for main events entertainment
  • Orchestras and symphonies for high-brow conferences
  • Classical quartets for large banquets
  • Jazz singers for casual or late-night events

Music is often a great choice because it can be the centerpiece of public entertainment, or it can be an accent that makes everything else sparkle. As long as you tailor your choice of musicians to fit your venue, commercial products, and preferred audience, you can easily host an entertaining event centered on music. 

2.) Dancers

Dancers are a great choice if you want your event to stand out. There are just as many dance styles as there are music genres, so it’s almost as flexible. Examples of dance-based events include:

  • Ballet performances
  • Breakdancing competitions
  • Irish dancing showcases
  • Tango workshops and lessons

There are two caveats to remember when hosting an event with dancers. First, you’ll need a large enough space so that your dancers can perform their routine safely. This is especially true if you’re hosting a dance event where attendees can participate. 

Second, dance is very physical, so don’t expect it to fade into the background. Dance works best as a centerpiece, so let your attendees enjoy the spectacle and avoid scheduling other things happening at the same time. 

3.) Electronic Entertainment

Not every event needs to happen in the “real” world. Virtual events have become increasingly widespread over the past several years, and entertainment is no different. You can host electronic events that use the metaverse to entertain both in-person and virtual attendees alike. 

Almost anything you can do live you can also do electronically. For example, live-streaming concerts and performances have become routine. Digital events can also give attendees experiences that are impossible in the real world, such as several recent virtual concerts held in online multiplayer games that sent attendees’ avatars flying through the air, into space, and on roller coaster rides. 

You can also use the metaverse to allow for unprecedented interactive events. For example, you can host video games and tournaments that enable people to compete worldwide. The metaverse can help you host more players than in a physical space. In short, online entertainment offers some of the most flexible and wide-reaching kinds of mass entertainment events.

4.) Film Industry

It’s hard to go wrong with a great Hollywood pick if you want to entertain event-goers. You can rely on the film entertainment industry to give you great foundations for your events. The simplest solution is to screen a movie that fits the theme of your event or to choose a movie and then build the rest of the event around it. 

Holidays are an excellent time for themed movies at annual events. Christmas and Halloween are the subjects of thousands of films, so there’s no end to the possibilities. If you’re looking for something a little different, you can also consider choosing “cult classic” videos whose dedicated audiences are known to seek out chances to see their favorites on the big screen. 

Film industry events don’t have to be restricted to just showing movies, either. You can bring in actors or directors for meet-and-greets or Q&A panels. You can also consider setting up book-club meetings for your screenings, where people hang around after to discuss the movie. 

5.) Comedy

Everyone likes to laugh. You can bring in comedians to add some humor to larger events, or you can host a dedicated comedy night with a selection of local talent. 

Comedy is one of the simplest forms of live entertainment. All a good comedian typically needs is a microphone and a place to stand in front of the audience. They’re easy to add to other events without extra logistics. You can even find comedians dedicated to different audiences, so you’re sure to find someone who can match your event’s tone. 

6.) Magic

Magic shows can be a great solution if you’re looking for something that appeals to all ages. Magicians can be the focus of your event, or they can be a side feature to give younger attendees something to do. At large events, you can even hire wandering magicians to perform tricks among the attendees. 

Stage magic should typically be a showcase event. It can take time and effort to set up a stage properly, and many stage magicians have lots of props they need to bring. However, crowd magicians focusing on card tricks and other minimalist practices are a great source of entertainment while people are waiting in line at a product launch, for example.  

7.) Karaoke

If you want a high-energy, interactive event, you can’t go wrong with karaoke. It’s a great way to get people excited and invested without needing too much equipment. A successful karaoke event requires a microphone and sound system, a screen for the lyrics, and a karaoke announcer who has brought plenty of backing tracks.

Karaoke is another great late-night event. You can host karaoke at conferences and conventions to give people a way to unwind, or you can host it on its own. It’s also ideal for pairing with meals or open bars since people can choose when they want to sing or sit down. 

Just make sure that you publicize the event well. The best karaoke concerts have large crowds with plenty of people ready and willing to get on stage. Make sure to promote the event on Facebook and through your usual marketing channels to get the audience you need. 

8.) Improv

Improv is a fun alternative to traditional forms of comedy. It’s more interactive, which is excellent for getting people invested in your event. Improv troupes typically request audience suggestions for skits and scenes and may even bring down volunteers to liven up their performance. 

It’s relatively easy to set up improv events. Great improv troupes will bring their props or may not require props at all. As with comedy, all they need is an audience and a place to perform. That makes them great for low-tech or outdoor venues.

9.) Silent Disco

Silent discos are the best alternative to traditional dance parties in modern times. Like other parties, the goal is to show up, listen to good music, and dance. However, silent discos don’t involve playing music over a single sound system. Instead, people listen to the music with headphones that stream the DJ’s music. Dancers can even choose different genres, from EDM to rock to country.

There are a few major benefits to silent discos:

  • There’s no risk of sound complaints because the music isn’t played out loud.
  • People can control how loud they want the music to be.
  • If people want to sit at the bar and chat, they just need to take off their headphones.

It’s all the benefits of a dance party without the overwhelming noise. Silent discos are great for fundraisers, conventions, or parties of any kind. 

10.) Trivia

Hosting trivia nights can give your attendees something to get competitive about. Trivia can be customized to fit any theme, so it’s easy to pair with other events. Just prepare a few dozen trivia questions in advance on your theme, then put together answer ballots and team sign-up sheets. 

Trivia is a great way to build a sense of community at a venue. When people need to build teams and compete, you can quickly build solid friendships and routines. Monthly trivia nights are a great way to bring people to a venue, raise money, or raise awareness of a cause. 

Plan Your Event the Right Way

Planning matters no matter what kind of entertainment event you choose to host. Whether you’re organizing main events entertainment or trying to spice up an otherwise professional conference, you need to plan the event carefully to ensure it goes off without a hitch. That’s where Events.com can help.

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