3 Best Practices for Creating Discount Codes

If you’ve ever received a discount code via email, social media, or mobile you can be sure that there is a method behind how and why it was sent. Sometimes a discount code is sent by way of an affiliate link, while other times it is sent to a select group. Keep these three best practices in mind when creating your discount codes to use for your next must-attend event:

  1. Vary Your Prices
    One price does not fit all. It keeps things simple, but setting up a pricing structure ahead of time can save you from having to come up with something at the eleventh hour to hit your numbers. At the same time, don’t get too crazy with how many options you offer. Sometimes more is just more. Use five price points or less and be very specific about what each ticket level will include.
  2. Track Your Results
    Use our online registration software to create multiple, custom discount codes that you can assign to specific outlets such as email, social media, affiliate websites, etc. This allows you to track and measure your success so you can tweak if needed and helps in knowing what works best when planning future events. And remember what we told you in our last post: words are easier to remember than numbers.
  3. Make it Urgent
    What makes a discount code effective to the receiver is the fact that he or she must act now! The sense of urgency generates buzz and pushes people who were on the fence into action. The key here is to clearly state the length and terms of the promo that you’re offering. For example, “Sign up in the next five hours and get $25 off your registration fee!” What tactics have you used when creating discount codes? Tell us in the comments.

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