Creative Ways to Engage Your Attendees at Your Next Event

Increasing attendee engagement is important to create a successful event that stands out. Don’t rely on big entertainers or good food to keep your event goers engaged. Create special moments that will connect event goers with your event and encourage them to come back for another unique experience.

1. Contests

Everyone loves a good competition. Contests are a budget friendly and exciting strategy that are guaranteed to boost customer engagement. Consider starting an Instagram hashtag contest, run a video contest, hold a scavenger hunt at the event, hold giveaways and set up games that motivate people to participate while still getting your branding message across. Contests are also unique because it gives attendees the opportunity to engage with your event before, during and after.

2. Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality can give event goers an out of this world experience without having to leave your event. The virtual world has a lot to offer and has become increasingly more budget friendly in recent years.

3. Customizable swag

Attendees want to take home swag that will fit their everyday lifestyle. What better way to make sure your swag doesn’t end up in the trash than by allowing your attendees to customize it themselves?

4. Partner with influencers on social media

Although talk of the influencer bubble bursting can be a new challenge to face, partnering with social media influencers can still have a large impact on your event. Using influencers to build relationships is a great way to get your attendees talking and connected with your event. Partnering with influencers is also a great way to expose your event to an even greater follower base who already have built trust in an influencer. Interact with influencers on social media and encourage a conversation to start between you, the influencer and attendees to keep them engaged.

5. Offer more ways to meet the people behind the event

Who doesn’t love a good photo op? Attendees dream of meeting the people behind the event. Increasing the opportunity for face-to-face interaction between the attendees and event experts is that extra level of engagement any attendee is looking for.

6. Interactive walls

Live and on-going updates can help provide something new to look at and think about while at an event. Whether you are considering having a conversation wall, question wall, comparison wall, drawing wall or connections wall (we could go on for days), having an interactive wall incentivizes your guests to participate and engage. It can also create opportunities to get your event attendees talking with each other as they participate in the same activity.

7. Keep attendees moving

Nobody wants to sit all day and listen quietly to keynote speakers while only having the chance to move around on their way to the next session. Consider scheduling time out of longer events to give attendees the opportunity to walk around and get some fresh air. If you’re thinking of including a little more aggressive tactic to keep them moving, consider implementing surprise mini 2-minute exercise sessions that get their blood flowing (without working up a full sweat).

8. Amp up your mobile app

Go green and replace printed handouts with engaging information on your event’s mobile app. Many attendees spend half their event on their phones anyway, give them something engaging to look at related to your event. Use your mobile app to your advantage by engaging your attendees and integrating your in-person event onto an online platform. Make sure your venue has a strong enough wi-fi connection to support your app and create a simple user experience.

9. Geofilters

#FOMO anyone? Most people are already planning to post a photo of their arrival at your event. Go the extra mile by giving them a special geofilter. Not only will it make your attendees feel a bit more special, it will raise brand awareness and show people what they’re missing out on.

It’s important to never stop looking for new ways to enhance audience engagement. Creating moments and experiences that connect people can start with improving their engagement.

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