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How can I transfer this year’s ticket buyers to next year’s event?

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2020 02:46PM PDT

If you’ve made the difficult decision to defer your event you’re likely wondering the best way to update this on Events.com.

If you are not going to offer a new date for 2020, you can update the current event and all of your attendees can be easily sent a new confirmation with the updated date.

However, if deferment is one of the options, you’ll need to create a brand new event for the next year. We suggest copying the existing one and making some updates to be ready for the next year.
How do I copy an event?

Then the next step would be to move the attendees from this year to the new year. If you have people letting you know one by one, it might be the easiest to give them a promo code and send them to the new event to complete their registration. Or, if you anticipate having a large amount of attendees to move, an attendee upload will make this easy to finish.
How do I upload offline registrations/tickets?

If you’d like to discuss your deferral strategy or have any questions about getting it set up, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager, or email us at help@events.com.

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