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How do I cancel an event?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 09:57AM PST

If you need to cancel an event it’s important to update your page and communicate with your attendees. You’ll want to consider the reason you’re cancelling and whether or not you’re offering an alternative, or a refund. And don’t forget about updating all of your social media!

To update your page, you’ll want to start by closing sales. Go to Event DetailsRegistrations/Tickets and click the Settings (gear icon) for each of your registrations/tickets. The second calendar is the close date. You’ll want to set it for a past date and time to have it closed immediately. Click SAVE.

Next you’ll want to update your description to communicate the cancellation to anyone that will land on the page. You can update your description by going to Edit and scrolling to the Description box.

For communicating with your attendees, we recommend using an emailer like MailChimp (they offer a free account based on contacts and contacts can be synced with Here are our helpful articles to guide you through getting started with MailChimp (you need to have a MailChimp account set up first):
How do I contact my attendees? (Guide to syncing through
How do I send an email in MailChimp?

As a final outreach we also recommend updating your confirmation email with a new custom message and resending confirmations to all of your participants. If you’d like a refresher on adding a custom message please check out this article –How do I customize my confirmation emails?

After you’ve saved your new message, you can scroll down and click –RESEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL. This is a one time click so make sure you’ve finalized your new message. Here is our article on these steps – How can I resend confirmation emails to all attendees?

If you plan on cancelling all of the tickets, an email is sent at that time. We suggest emailing them the announcement first so it’s not a surprise when they receive the cancellation email.

If you’d like to discuss your cancellation strategy or have any questions on our suggestions, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager, or email us at

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