The VIP Experience: 11 Ideas for Special Perks for Event Attendees

In the process of organizing ticket packages for your upcoming event, consider using a tiered system, which allows your attendees to choose the type of experience they want when they arrive. This can include ticket types such as general admission, multi-day passes, reserved seating, and group tickets. Of course, for those who want to pay a little extra, make sure to offer a VIP experience. 

A premium event experience provides the best of everything your event has to offer. For it to truly be premium, you want to have a limited number of VIP tickets. They will cost more, but you will have event-goers willing to pay the additional cost if the package comes with some exceptional special perks. A unique VIP experience can help increase repeat attendees and your revenue stream each year. 

Be sure to choose your premium experience perks carefully to make them unique. The list below outlines some of the top experience options to provide you with inspiration for your VIP ticket packages. On, you can use the invitation feature to communicate with your event attendees on a more personal level. This tool allows you to send custom messages and offer discounts to VIPs and other special guests.  

1. A VIP Lounge: Special Seating, Food & Drink Options 

One of the more popular options for a premium event experience is a VIP lounge. This can be a corded-off area within your event space or an entirely separate room away from the crowd and noise. Either way, having a reserved space for your VIPs gives them a pleasant feeling of exclusivity and a chance to relax in a private, more quiet room. 

When organizing your VIP lounge, be sure to include comfortable sofas and lounge chairs for relaxing, charging stations, and food and beverages. You might also consider having one or more staff members in there to serve drinks and ensure the comfort of your VIPs. 

Even if you’re serving meals to all of your event-goers, offer additional options for your VIPs. Perhaps some premium menu options and wine pairings with their food. Or, what about a VIP-only menu? You might even go so far as to send your VIPs a survey to document their specific dietary needs and preferences. That way, you can design a menu that gives all of your VIPs something delicious to eat that you know they’ll enjoy. Your attendees will remember your event as one they’ll want to attend every year. 

2. Spa Lounge

As an alternative (or addition) to a VIP lounge, why not offer your VIPs the opportunity to get pampered at your event? One way to achieve this is by partnering with a mobile spa service. You tell them when and where, and the business takes care of the rest. Or, if you’re hosting a local event, you might also consider partnering with a local spa. From massages to facials, mani-pedis, and everything in between, VIPs get a unique experience they’re sure to appreciate.

3. Swag Bags

Another popular perk is swag bags for your VIP event attendees. Customize bags with premium merch that won’t be available to your general admission event-goers. If your sponsors are willing to contribute, you can spring for some higher-end swag like gift certificates for massages, tickets to a local show, or other gifts. You may also be able to secure donated items from sponsors that can be added to the bags, such as water bottles and basic articles of clothing like socks and shoes. 

Don’t forget to include a handwritten thank-you note. These can go a long way in expressing your gratitude for your VIPs and make them feel extra special. 

4. VIP Upgrades: Tickets & Fun Activities for Children

You can add in extra incentives for VIPs throughout your event. Options like getting to skip the lines, being escorted via golf cart if the event space is large and outside, reserved restrooms and extra drink tickets are great upgrade options. If you’re hosting a family-friendly event, consider offering a space for supervised childcare. 

You can go all-out here, too. Create a themed experience for the children that includes arts, crafts, and other fun activities. Hire professional childcare workers who are first-aid- and CPR-certified. Your VIP guests will be more comfortable at your event (and more likely to stay longer) if they know that their children are safe and also having fun. 

5. Early Access

Gaining early access to an event is a worthwhile perk. You can offer a VIP reception with an open bar and catered meal. You can allow your VIPs early entry to an exhibitor or vendor hall, giving them the ability to speak with exhibitors or purchase products before general admission opens. Or, you can offer an advanced preview or front row seating privileges for your event’s most coveted components.

6. Complimentary On-Site Storage 

If you have the space and the staff to manage it, offer your VIPs complimentary on-site storage. You’ll want to ensure that you have the necessary tools to provide such a service, such as a room with a lock that only you and a select few can access, hangers for coats and bags, tickets with tearaway stubs, and one or two staff members to monitor the area. With on-site storage, your VIP guests can enjoy their experience unhindered by personal belongings. 

7. VIP Transportation to and from the Event

Start the premium event experience with VIP transportation to and from your event site. You can offer shuttle service from a central location or partner with a ridesharing company to get your VIPs where they need to be. 

If providing transportation isn’t possible, a great alternative would be to offer VIP parking close to the entrance of your venue—no need for them to hunt for spaces or walk any further than necessary to your event. 

8. Nap Pods

Did you know that some companies, such as Google, have nap pods for their employees? These pods give people a way to get some rest and refresh themselves with a power nap. If you’re organizing a relatively quiet event, such as a professional conference, you can offer your VIPs a similar experience by renting nap pods. Let’s face it, all that walking around, attending lectures and seminars, and participating in an event can be tiring. Nap pods are a great way to give your VIPs the luxury of a quiet place to take a break and get some rest before continuing with their activities. 

9. A VIP-Only Special Event

Part of the VIP experience is the exclusive community. Show your appreciation for your highest-paying attendees with a VIP-only special event. What you do may depend on the type of event you’re creating. You could arrange for a chance to hang out with artists or performers, exclusive access to high-profile keynote speakers, or a meet-and-greet with industry celebrities. Or, you could offer a bonus class or workshop only for VIPs. These types of experiences are of high value, and your VIPs are likely to remember and talk about your event for years to come. 

10. Automatic Entry to Event Giveaways

If you’re offering giveaways at your event, you likely have it set up so that your attendees purchase raffle tickets. Instead of making your VIP attendees pay even more, why not provide automatic entry into one or more of your giveaways as a part of their ticket packages? Just make sure that you send a newsletter or email detailing what they’re entering, the value of the prize(s), and how you’ll notify them if they win.  

11. Free Admission to Next Year’s Event

You may have had an early bird discount on your ticket packages for this year’s event, but have you started thinking about next year? Why not give your VIPs super-early bird access by offering a free VIP upgrade for next year’s event if they purchase their tickets during this year’s? Current VIPs will likely have all of their amazing experiences fresh in their minds, so they’ll be able to see the value in buying now rather than waiting. It’s an excellent opportunity to continue rewarding your VIP attendees for their loyalty.  

Create an Unforgettable Premium Event Experience for Your VIPs

By offering a VIP experience package for your event, you can boost interest in your event and bring in additional revenue. 

In addition to the special perks listed in the package option, don’t hesitate to throw in a few surprises (if your budget allows this). By going above and beyond to delight your VIPs, your future events can be much more unique and exciting.‌

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