Success Beyond Ticket Sales

Tap Into New Revenue Streams With for a More Successful Event

Successful, financially fruitful events aren’t born from one-dimensional strategies.  That’s why goes above and beyond ticket sales

It’s no secret that the power of events is in making connections between people and brands. But events also serve as a vehicle for brands to bring in revenue. Of course, when people think of event sales, ticket sales automatically come to mind. Just like how connecting with people can happen beyond the physical, hosting a profitable event goes beyond just ticketing.

By tapping into other streams of revenue, you’ll not only put together an event that is more economically rewarding, but more successful and memorable for your guests and vendors. That’s where comes in.

Event management platform was designed so you can get the most value out of every event—from start to finish. With a suite of tools that help event organizers streamline their planning, selling, promotions, and sponsorships, makes it easy to share your event with the people who bring it to life.

Interested? Let’s take a look at how can help you take the financial and emotional value of your next event beyond ticket sales:

Gain sponsorships.
Through multiple avenues, sponsorships can help you rake in significant event revenue. Just like you do with your attendees, gaining meaningful sponsorships requires building relationships. Whether it’s through physical or virtual booths, selling their merchandise or selling local advertising, sponsorships can power your event financially. Sponsor specifically helps event organizers engage, secure and manage mission-aligned sponsors to expand your event’s reach while generating more revenue. This includes the ability to create proposals, agreements, and activation calendars in minutes.

Sell event merchandise.
When you sell merchandise for your event, you give your attendees the chance to be closer to your brand—while also bringing in more revenue. There are several different ways to do this: when registering and on-site at your event. Offering attendees the option to buy merchandise before an event is also always a good marketing idea—after all, the event is the prime place to wear branded merch.

Speakers are one of the main reasons people attend events, so selling any books, content or merchandise produced by them can be a great way to heighten the excitement for upcoming sessions. Whether it’s sending swag bags before or during the event, or themed merch to go along with various activities, merchandise is a personable way to drive deeper engagement and more revenue.

Offer Attendee Protection as an add-on.
It’s natural to be nervous when investing in experiences today with so much uncertainty. Offering your attendees protection on their tickets can alleviate a lot of anxiety due to pandemic-related issues, inclement weather and any other hurdles life might throw our way. Attendee Protection can also help build trust between the brand and its audience.

Invest in event marketing.
When you invest in marketing leading up to your event, you’re investing in your event, which can ultimately lead to bigger returns. Promote helps event organizers expand their reach and boost attendance. With this technology, organizers can easily promote their events to event-goers through digital marketing services like local calendar listings, social media ads and detailed conversion reporting and more.

Sell immersive experiences.
At this point, almost everyone in the event industry knows: hybrid events are here to stay. So, make sure your virtual experience is immersive for a successful event. EveryChallenge can help endurance event organizers build community, add value and sell more tickets to your virtual or hybrid experiences through virtual challenges—while also helping you operate your event online, engage fans and drive sales. The hybrid platform allows event-goers to seamlessly connect to any wearable fitness device to track their progress in each challenge.

Build year-round engagement.
Connecting with your audience shouldn’t stop after the event wraps. There’s a number of ways to continue engaging with your attendees authentically throughout the year. Some ideas: engage them through social media, produce relevant content, host smaller virtual events to elevate interest, showcase videos with content from past events and more. This can help attendees have lasting memories of the event, build community, and leave them counting down until the next event.

Hands-on support.’s team understands the importance of having a responsive, attentive tech partner, and an exceptional support team is a key aspect of that partnership. If event organizers get too caught up with nitty-gritty tech details, their attention is taken away from the event and, ultimately, its profitability.’s customer support team continues to be one of the company’s best-selling features due to the team’s unwavering ability and desire to help event organizers where they need it most. streamlines your strategy.
Trying to pull off all these key points to a successful event can lead to a fragmented strategy, but has the capabilities to support all of them—including ticket sales, which is still an important element to your financial return. Through Sell, event organizers can sell and manage tickets, registrations, and merchandise, with add-ons like attendee ticket insurance, transfers, and upgrades.

By creating new streams of revenue, you’re making your event a more dynamic experience for everyone, all while easily managing the moving parts of your event in one platform. And with, you’re creating more valuable and memorable event experiences for organizers and attendees.

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