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How do I offer a deferral option?

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021 09:57AM PST

Unfortunately right now there are many things for an event organizer to consider. Depending on your community it might be beneficial to consider allowing people to choose between attending this year or deferring their registration to the following year in 2021.

Creating a deferral for your event can be as easy as adding an additional registration/ticket type! New sign ups can select it as their ticket of choice, and through our post registration tools, existing attendees can change their ticket to the future year in just a few easy clicks. 

Please visit this helpful article if you need the steps for creating a new registration – How do I create tickets or registrations?

If you’d prefer to add it as an updated question (to record yes or no from everyone), the best option is to set it up as a purchase (with or without a cost). Please refer to this article for a walk through on setting up purchases – How do I set up purchases to upsell my event goers?

We also recommend emailing your attendees, as well as updating your website and social media. We suggest using an emailer like MailChimp (they offer a free account based on contacts and contacts can be synced with Here are our helpful articles to guide you through getting started with MailChimp:
How do I contact my attendees? (Guide to syncing through
How do I send an email in MailChimp?

Something else to keep in mind, when someone makes a change (either a new registration or new purchase answer), they will receive a new confirmation email. You can put a custom message onto your new deferral registration, or add a message into the existing confirmation email for when someone selects an answer to the new purchase question. Please check out this article for a guide on custom confirmations – How do I customize my confirmation emails?

If you’d like to discuss your deferral strategy or have any questions about getting it set up, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager, or email us at We’ll be happy to help you put everyone’s mind at ease today! 

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